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Austroglanis gilli
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Original Description:
Barnard, K. H. 1943 (July) Revision of the indigenous freshwater fishes of the s.w. Cape region. Ann. S. Afr. Mus. v. 36 (pt 2): 101-262.
The genus Austroglanis including three species comprise the family Austroglanididae that is endemic to South Africa. This small clade was formerly placed in the family Bagridae based on generalized morphological similarity.  In a phylogenetic study of bagrid catfish Mo (1991 Theses Zoologicae, 17, Koeltz, Koenigstein) found no characters to relate Austroglanis to any other catfishes and thus placed the genus in its own family.  The group is currently being investigated by Roger Bills of the South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity in Grahamstown.  Austroglanis gilli occurs in the Clanwilliam-Olifants River system. 
Last Modified: August 21 2006
Austroglanis gilli SAIAB 58357
Photo by Kyle Luckenbill