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Horabagrus brachysoma
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Original Description:
Günther, A.  1864 (10 Dec.) Catalogue of the fishes in the British Museum. Catalogue of the Physostomi, containing the families Siluridae, Characinidae, Haplochitonidae, Sternoptychidae, Scopelidae, Stomiatidae in the collection of the British Museum. Cat. Fishes v. 5: i-xxii + 1-455.
The genus Horabagrus with two species is place in its own family Horabagridae.  These catfishes are endemic to India. This small clade has been variously place in or near Schilbidae or Bagridae.  A recent molecular phylogenetic study by Sullivan et al. (2006, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution) indicates a close relationship between Horabagrus and Pseudeutropius, and these together are recovered as the sistergroup to Bagridae sensu Mo (1991 Theses Zoologicae, 17, Koeltz, Koenigstein).
Last Modified: August 22 2006
Horabagrus brachysoma SAIAB 59825
Photo by Kyle Luckenbill